The results are in for the APDM Top 50 for 2019/20! This is a list of the Top 50 Most Influential people in the Australian pole community for 2019 as voted by you.

Our aim with this list is to create a platform which allows you to show your appreciation for members of the community who have influenced you in some way. Be it through opening/running a studio, putting on a pole competition, teaching you, coaching you, creating wonderful and inspiring costumes, taking beautiful images, being an inspirational performer, or even being the friendly receptionist always ready to help. So many people are making amazing contributions to our local community!

For this reason you may not know all of our Top 50, but rest assured they are doing great things in their corner of the country, and have touched many people with their work. We are proud to give you this opportunity to show them how much people appreciate their tireless efforts.

This year we had an unprecedented number of votes. With so many contributors in the Australian pole community it is impossible to pay tribute to them all! Many incredible and much-loved people will not feature in the Top 50, although over 700 individuals received votes.

We will be revealing the Top 50 in parts, ten people at a time. Here is the third instalment.


30. Catfish

2019 was a massive competition year for Cat, placing First Runner Up at Rising All Stars, Winner at Hardcore Pole Championships, and Winner at NSWPC. What a legend! This was her first Professional competition and saw her go on to compete at APC. She also taught 25+ hours a week across two studios, G-Force and Sydney Pole. During the year she participated in her favourite holiday East Coast Pole Cruise, completed extra teacher training with the Miss Filly Institute, held workshops at Aerial Pole Academy, and judged (with a guest performance) at Flaunt It competition. All this while juggling four jobs, a partner and some demanding bird children!


29. Emma Salmon

The woman behind The Black Light, in the last year Emma saw over seven hundred polers photographed in her studio shoots. Now also well known for her non-pole shoots, in 2019 Emma’s hotel room shoots, location and beach shoots, became favourites for polers to try. Last year she saw lots of international travel, shooting in Mexico, USA and Jamaica with The Black Tape Project along with USA pole royalty Leigh-Ann Reilly, Jordan Kensley and Nadia Sharif. Her image of Chilli Rox graced the cover of APDM in Autumn, and she launched her ‘SHOOT DIRRTY’ shoots with coloured lights, body oil and smoke machines. Emma also shot MPDSA and Pole Theatre Amateur.


28. Daisy Adelle Bastick

Daisy is the owner of The Peach Pole Studio, located in Erina and Tuggerah on the Central Coast NSW. She is co-owner of FloorPlay, which ran in each state and also internationally in 2019. She judged MPDNSW, and performed in the openings of MPDNSW and MPDA. She was featured in the Spring issue of Australian Pole Dancers Magazine, sharing her top tips for running a successful studio. She produced and ran the first in-house student strip club showcase called Hustler Hoecase, which was their most fun and successful showcase yet! She is grateful for everyone who has voted for her, and the constant support of the pole community.

27. Lorna Shado

Lorna had a big 2019, competing in six competitions – including the Pole Classic in Las Vegas, Miss Pole Dance Australia, PCS championships, and a number of other national comps. Lorna teaches at both Sydney Pole and Love Pole, predominantly training her students in advanced and elite tricks, static and flips. She also coached a number of students through numerous competitions. Lorna owns her own chiropractic clinic in Burwood, specialising in treating pole dancers for injuries, competition prep and injury prevention techniques.

26. andrea James Lui

AJL had a massive year in 2019 – teaching at three different studios, doing privates, workshops and performance coaching as well as being a member of the PoleSphere instructor team. She performed nine different shows, including six solos and three duos, and toured Australia with her dance partner, Charlie Love. She guest performed and judged a number of studio competitions and is grateful for the many opportunities and all the amazing people along the way. She eagerly awaits what more unpredictable adventures 2020 will bring!

25. Caroline Cazcapstar

2019 was one of the toughest years in Caz’s pole career. She battled injuries, surgeries, lost a fur baby and her father was very ill. What kept her going was the love she has for pole dance, stretch coaching & the pole community. And the new addition to her family – baby Hugo. She competed in Dance Filthy Pro, MPDV and Floorplay Pro, travelled the country teaching workshops and judging and achieved her Personal Trainer qualification. She launched into growing her stretch coaching squad and loved teaching her weekly classes at Divas. Caz would like to say thank you to all that supported her throughout 2019.

24. Jasmine Zapka

Jasmine is the proud owner of The Pole Room in Victoria. Last year she franchised their first studio, TPR Highett, on top of running their three other locations. She also competed in the professional division of VPC as well as MPDV. Aside from this, she taught around twelve classes each week, as well as regular privates and coaching. Alongside partner Andy, she ran The Pole Room student competition ‘Shine‘ to a full house, as well as their live heats and their end of term performance nights. She also organised a fundraiser for Danny Golding ‘Do it for Danny’, which raised $5,445 towards his living expenses as he went through his treatment for cancer.

23. miss Sang

Miss Sang has been a busy bee over the last year, competing in six competitions, including trying her hand at doubles with Georgii Grace at the APC finals where they placed First Runners Up, following a win at ACPC doubles. She also placed First Runner Up at ACPC Pro. Sang teaches full time dance in many styles, her favourite being heels at CDS (her own dance school) and exotic pole at The Brass Room. She also teamed up with Caroline Cazcapstar for FloorPlay during her frequent travels down to Melbourne to teach workshops throughout the year. After competing for another amazing year coming in Second Runner Up at MPDA, Sang’s latest achievement was starting her own videography business for dancers called Miss Sang Productions #itsasangthang

22. Mel Grace

Mel Grace teaches regular classes and privates at Bobbi’s Perth – on top of her regular job as an Occupational Therapist. In 2019 she competed in MPDWA and was invited to compete at MPDA but was unable to go due to work commitments (devastated!). She judged and guest performed at WAPC and was awarded best musicality at the APC finals. She coached the amateur APC winner Babyycino (alongside her main coach Ruby Lai) which for Mel was a massive win – seeing her students achieve their goals. She also taught at APE and on the East Coast Pole Cruise. What little spare time she had besides this was spent learning salsa and bachata and cuddling her fur babies!

21. Coco

Last year Coco competed in MPDNSW, placing Second Runner Up, and was a finalist at Miss Pole Dance Australia. She taught regular classes (around seventeen classes each week on top of privates and coaching), and ran her studio Love Pole. She organised and ran two competitions – Podium Goddess in April and Spin Society in August. She taught at the Creatures of XIX pole camp in the UK, and at the end of the year she began to set up a new Love Pole studio in Strathfield.