1. “Oh, great upper body workout”

leslie strong woman


  1. “My sister/aunty/cousin/friend’s wife does pole dancing”

why i dance gif

  1. “Can you do that thing where you’re like, sideways?” *mimes a flag*

zac efron pole

  1. “You must make a lot of money”

grandpa makes it rain

  1. “Can you do the splits?

logan paul drop split

  1. “ I went to Cirque Du Soleil once and there was a pole dancer performing”

spinning cocoon

  1. “I’ve always wanted to try pole dancing but I’m not strong enough”

batman thats why you go to pole class

  1. “Can you go upside down and stuff?”

allegra spinning

  1. “Wow your partner is so lucky!”

showgirls licking pole

  1. *Tags you in every pole dance related video on Facebook for the rest of your life*

pole christmas clarinet guy