The results are in for inaugural APDM Top 50! This is a list of the Top 50 most influential people in the Australian pole community for 2015 as voted by you.

Firstly, while we had hundreds of votes counted we also know that not everyone will agree with the results. With so many contributors in the Australian pole community it is impossible to pay tribute to them all. Many small business owners, studio owners, event organisers, photographers, performers and teachers will not get a mention here. In total, 246 members of the pole community received votes, and every one of those people have played a role in making the Australian pole community what it was in 2015.

However, we hope this list will help remind everyone of the many people working tirelessly behind the scenes, as well as on the stages, to make our local pole community something to be proud of.

We will be revealing the Top 50 in parts, ten results at a time. Here is the third instalment.

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30. Mischka

Mischka exploded onto the competition scene in 2015 – beginning as an amateur but ending as a pro. She competed in Rising Stars and VPC, then placed second at MPDV and ended the year at MPDA. She teaches at Pole Divas Moonee Ponds and is inspired by those around her as much as she inspires others. She is also an exercise physiologist which undoubtedly helps her understand how best to unleash the beast within!

29. Natty Stephens

Natty charged through 2015 on the competition circuit, with Pole Candy (awarded Professional Runner Up), VPC, MPDV, MPDA and Paragon stages all getting a taste of this talented lady. She was selected as a semi-finalist for IPC, and spent much of the year running workshops, privates and coaching. She was chosen as a brand ambassador for Paradise Chick clothing, and her MPDA Champions Choice video from 2014 rounded out the year with over 450,000 views!

28. Tania Fletcher

Beginning the year as one half of the reigning Miss Pole Dance Australia 2015 doubles champions, Tania performed at Pandemonium in April, choreographed the opening number for the Pole Divas student showcase and has been in the process of expanding her studio in Moonee Ponds where she also teaches. She also spent a good part of the year creating a book with her co-author Miss Filly which is set to take the world by storm!

27. Megan B

Megan had a very successful run on the competition circuit in 2015 with a first place in Rising Stars, finalist in Aerial All Stars, Pole Candy Semi-Pro winner, and fourth place at APC where she was also awarded best musical interpretation. She was also a judge at Hardcore and the Regional Pole Artistry Championships.

26. Jedda J Jordan

Jedda slammed headfirst into 2015 with performances at Encore! and Pole Show LA. She Competed in Aerial All Stars and MPDA, was part of the performer showcases at Dance Filthy, Glam Rock Cabaret, Pandemonium, Sexy’s Back, Pole Show LA (Vegas) and judged Double Vision and Sexy’s Back. Jedda also ran her label “Bad Bitch Empire” which sponsored several competitions including MPDA and Dance Filthy, as well as providing prizes for the Sydney Pole Relief camp fundraiser.

25. Bailey Hart

Crowned “Australia’s Hottest Ginger” Bailey Hart had a busy year, even though she was battling some health issues. She was a finalist at Aerial All Stars, and the winner of Pole Candy Pro division. She reprised her MC duties, taught classes at Bobbi’s and Suzie Q Pole Studio and ended the year performing in the opening of MPDA.

24. Joanna Littlewood-Johnson

Joanna powered through 2015 with a third place in Pole Art at Aerial All Stars, and winning Ultimate Champion in Masters at IPC. She featured as a guest performer at Paragon, performed in a four week season variety show at Perth Fringeworld and was also regularly seen performing at a club for women. It was her second year running the West Australian Pole Championships, and judged for APC and SAPC. She also owns and manages Core Fusion Pole Studio in WA. What a woman!

23. Jennifer Grace

Owner of Studio Verve in Sydney, Jen also runs Pole Evolution dance company and is the mastermind behind Pole Athletica dance and pole apparel. In 2015 Studio Verve was voted best business by the International Pole Sports Federation Industry Awards. Although she was recovering for much of the year from a back injury, Jen still managed to continue teaching, as well as producing the Polarity pole show in December. She choreographed the opening number for Polarity, as well as collaborated with all the artists within the show.

22. Jane Blair

The creator and editor of Australian Pole Dancers Magazine, Jane had a busy 2015 managing the business almost single-handedly. Encompassing writing, editing, travelling to cover events, modelling, as well as sales and marketing, this woman had her hands extremely full. However, she still found time to compete in Dance Filthy where she placed fourth, and was a finalist in Floorplay.

21. Suzie Q

Suzie Q has cemented herself as one of the top MC’s on the competition stage. But aside from being an exceptional performer and host, she is also very talented behind the scenes. In 2015 she organised and produced Pole Candy Pro & Semi Pro. She was a guest instructor at the Australian Pole Festival, and MC for Rising Stars, Aerial All Stars and APC. All this AND she co-owns/runs Suzie Q Pole Studio (of which there are two locations). Suzie had a shoulder reconstruction and spent most of the year healing but is now back performing and teaching. We can’t wait to see what she’s gonna do in 2016!