by Alessandra Izzo aka Ally Cat


Leeanne Towse from mPole in Newcastle is known for producing the regular local competition, Polation. But sitting watching State of Origin when she would have rather been poling, Leeanne had a flash of inspiration to create a nationwide pole competition, “State of Pole”.

State of Pole is a new comp beginning next week which you can do from inside your home studio, so listen up and get your squad mobilised!

Just like the State of Origin, State of Pole is pitching states against one other, finding who has the best polers. Teams of up to twelve pole dancers will compete by taking photos and video, using a list of skills over three rounds of competition.



State of Pole is a fun, team building pole dancing competition that is more about everyone having a go as a team, rather than individual success. This can be done in the comfort of your studio using your favourite poles, and doesn’t have any travel time or expenses! State of Pole is all about bringing the studio together for some pole fun for everyone.

Competing in State of Pole isn’t about an individual or studio success, it is done to represent your state. The more studios competing in each state, the higher the state score.

Teams will receive a rank for each round completed, plus an overall grade within the competition. All competing teams scores based on location will be tallied towards a final state score, allowing a state winner to be awarded for each round, plus an overall winner.

Round dates are Wednesdays 13th June, 27th June and 11th July.

Check out the website for more information, and tag us in any of your Instagram State of Pole adventures so we can see what you get up to!

STATE OF POLE round one (1)

STATE OF POLE round 2 (1)


STATE OF POLERound 3 (1)