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Should I or shouldn't I?
Should I or shouldn’t I?

Dear Chilli,

I really want a three-way with two guys. So naturally, I offered my man a threeway with two girls as long as he would return the favour. He got so excited and we started talking all about the details. But now… I’m starting to really think about it. I don’t know how I’d feel seeing him with someone else. I don’t know how it would be with another girl. I don’t know if I’d get jealous or if it would taint our relationship forever. What should I do?

Threeway curious



Dear Threeway Curious,


You need to be 100% sure you want to do this before you go through with it. My advice is don’t do it, or at least postpone it. Talk about it with your partner he will understand and then talk about it with your pole class (you will be surprised at some of the things girls confess to in class – although that could be just in my class!).


Ask if anyone has had a threesome, talk about the circumstances and the feelings that came after, and reassess. For now there are too many doubts so put it on the back burner and spice up the bedroom with toys,  porn, role play, lingerie, etc. I’m not saying no to a future full of three ways, I’m just saying wait until you really want to. Good luck!


Love Chilli xx
Sometimes I orgasm in class…

Dear Chilli,

Sometimes, when I climb the pole, if I climb it to the top and find myself mounting the pole and squeezing my legs really hard, I accidentally orgasm. No shit, it almost happens against my will. I can feel it creeping up on me as I climb the pole and sometimes it happens in the middle of class, which luckily I can conceal.

It feels so good I’m worried I’m going to get addicted to it. Should I embrace this weird pole climbing masturbation or reject it forever? I think it’s related to how I used to hump things as a toddler haha, but the adult version.

Pole Humper



Dear Pole Humper,


Wow lucky you! Combining my two great loves: pole dance and orgasms, I’m actually in awe of you. If I could orgasm while I pole danced I’d be as good as Miss Filly haha training all the time!


Embrace it baby, you are the envy of women everywhere. This is great, I wish you did my class I’d be like “There she goes again, I said upside down V not spinning climb” haha. This is a rare gift my friend you are my idol.


Love Chilli xx
A Secret Admirer...
A Secret Admirer…

Dear Chilli,

I saw you at a wedding we both attended ten years ago and then was seated next to you at the reception – well your sister sat between us; she tried to set us up!

You probably don’t remember me but I have been thinking about you for the whole ten years.  I haven’t been able to get you out of my mind.

What is wrong with me?

Can’t Get You Outta My Head


Dear Can’t Get You Outta My Head,


What? Who’s wedding? My sister tried to set us up? She’s a pretty good judge of character. All I can say is if you’re 24 and dreadlocked you should look me up haha. Sounds to me like the only thing wrong with you is that you’re thinking not acting… Unless there’s a good reason like you’re married or something? For the record if you call me pretty my pants fall off haha. My gut instinct says this is a joke but I’m intrigued…


Love Chilli xx


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