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I hate Valentine's Day!
I hate Valentine’s Day!

Hi Chilli,

I’ve been in a relationship with a guy for a little over a year now. He’s really awesome and things are going great. There is just a small problem… I feel like I’m disappointing him because I think Valentine’s Day is bullshit, and told him I don’t do anything for it ever. He says he is ok with that but I think he’s just going along with it because I so passionately keep tellimg him how I think it’s a stupid day. What should I do? I’m thinking of organising a surprise date for him on a different day so he doesn’t feel unloved. Is that a good idea? Or should I bite the bullet and do something with him for Valentine’s?

Valentine’s Grinch



Dear Valentine’s Grinch,
Haha I’m on board with any day there’s an excuse to get chocolate flowers and secret admirers. Yes it’s a silly occasion but go with it! Give him a lap dance, chocolate coat some strawberries, get in a bubble bath, and of course let him spoil you if he wants to.


I can’t remember the last time I actually had a Valentine, I’m jealous haha you are a lucky girl. If you really hate it don’t stress he will love you anyway but if you can stomach one day of commercial ridiculousness I say get involved!


Love Chilli xx
It's great sex... He's just not that good to look at!
It’s great sex… He’s just not that good to look at!

Dear Chilli,

I’m seeing a guy who is bloody amazing in bed. His attitude, moves, everything. But he’s just not that good to look at. I’m not massively into looks, and I am a sapiosexual mostly (attracted to the mind above all else), but it would be nice to have some sort of physical attraction going on – what should I do? He’s literally the best sex I’ve had in my life. Help!

Getting Lots But Not Looking



Dear Getting Lots But Not Looking,


Wow lucky you there’s nothing better than great sex. Does he stimulate your mind? Do you laugh? Talk? Are you attracted to his personality? If you answered yes to any of these I can guarantee before you know it you will start to find him more attractive. Do you want more than just great sex? Does he? Maybe you guys can just keep this relationship in the bedroom where it’s clearly working 🙂 Good luck


Love Chilli xx
Should I pursue my interstate crush?
Should I pursue my interstate crush?

Dear Chilli,

So me and a lot of other fellow Youngsters (or strictly Scouts aged between 18 to 26 only) have just come back from a National Adult Scouting event in Victoria over the new year.

My expedition was pretty loose e.g. on the lake by day and having a few bevvies, new wild drinking games and skinny dipping by night.

I was not paying attention so much until I was somehow fortunate enough to eventually end up in a tent with the only guy on the expedition who was from up the North while I myself was the only one from down here in good old Sydney.

It was all innocent really but it was pretty awesome. A little banter and there were definitely a couple of kisses of some description in the mix. And it was the first time I actually fell asleep whilst cuddling someone.

I didn’t really think much of it but he had this long distance relationship with someone else and they were reunited once we got back to the main camp after expeditions. Ironically that’s when I realized after a while he was a little different and I began to really see and admire him in that (ha typical). Considering I haven’t been with many I know a good thing when I finally realize it.

Some said to not go there because “he has a girlfriend” but all I see is just a bit of a hindering cock block and it ultimately not being strong enough or serious relationship sooner or later (considering what went down on our expedition..). And quite frankly we’re all still “kids” and shouldn’t settle too early these days and as it’s pretty much relevant; You Only Live Once!

Maybe I want some further fun or maybe something a little more meaningful but it’s been nearly two weeks since and I haven’t puckered up a good feeling about messaging him (hence he hasn’t either) because I feel like he won’t be that intrigued, but it would be nice to win him over. There will be more events down the track. Probably wouldn’t even mind being friends… 😛 What should I do?


Interstate crush’n



Dear Interstate Crush’n,


If you really like this guy I would suggest a friendship. I’m not sure you could have a trusting relationship with him though, I mean he has a girlfriend and he was kissing you.


Think about how you would feel if another woman was messing with your man, and try to respect their relationship. Be his friend until his situation changes (if it ever does). We always want what we can’t have so maybe he seems more desirable because he’s unavailable.


You’re young! Have fun with the single boys who live closer to you and I’ll bet you forget about him in no time.


Love Chilli xx



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