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I've got a woman problem...
I’ve got a woman problem…


Hey Chilli,

So I’ve never been one to have enemies but there’s this one girl who works at the same club as I do who drives me crazy. She recently started dancing to the same genre of music as me at work, she regularly stalks me on instagram (I see her creeping on my story), she’s somehow become friends with all of my friends and now she’s entering pole comps outside of work so I feel like she’s everywhere. It’s driving me insane that I can’t get away from her. How do I deal with this situation?

Frenemy Frustration


Dear Frenemy Frustration,
Sadly there isn’t much you can do unless you’re willing to quit your job and find another club to dance at? You could also block her on Instagram and maybe just say you’re taking a little break from social media if you don’t want to offend her.
Just remember imitation is the highest form of flattery (it never feels that way does it) so try to be the bigger person and just find ways to create some distance so that you can enjoy your time at the club and at pole events.
Good luck,
Love Chilli xx


I want to be a pole teacher...
I want to be a pole teacher…


Hi Chilli,

I’ve been poling now for around four years, and with a strong acrobatic and performance background I have advanced quite quickly to the top level of my studio. I would really like to start teaching but I’ve asked all the pole studios within about 30kms of my house and nobody is hiring.

I know I’m a good pole dancer, and I really love it, all I want to do is quit my muggle job and be full time in the industry. I’m thinking about opening my own studio, but I know it’s a huge commitment. Do you think I can make it work?



Dear Determined,
If you’re 100% sure this is what you want to do then yes of course I believe in you and I say go for it! However, running a business is really hard work and a massive commitment financially so make sure you’re ready.
In my experience opportunities arise when you least expect, so just because there are no teaching positions at the moment doesn’t mean there won’t be anything in the future. Once a position becomes available you can build a following and then consider if opening your own studio is the best option.
Good luck,
Love Chilli xx


Should I say goodbye to pole?
Should I say goodbye to pole?


Dear Chilli,

I’m in the Advanced 4 level at my studio and have been stagnating there for the last year. In the meantime, I’ve discovered silks, and have been really enjoying the apparatus. I know it’s not my strength holding me back, I just don’t have the same motivation for pole that I used to. At what point do you think it’s time to say “enough is enough” and quit something that has been your life for a long time? It’s been over six years doing pole now and I don’t know if I’m ready to let it go, but I just don’t have the same love for it I used to. Help!

Identity Crisis



Dear Identity Crisis,
Sounds to me like you just need a little break. Time away from anything gives you clarity. You may miss it so much, find a new enthusiasm and be more motivated than ever to get back on the pole. Or you may find that pole was a stepping stone in you reaching your potential as an aerialist. Either way it’s a win win. Take some time off explore new things I have a feeling you will be back.
Good luck,
Love Chilli xx




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