by Andria Rose-Stumer AKA Rosey Lou


International pole star and specialist in plus-sized and sexy pole dancing – Roz the Diva has begun her very first tour down under. Famous from her Upworthy and Superfit Hero videos going viral on Facebook, Roz has been an advocate for plus size fitness for many years. She is touring a number of pole and fitness establishments while she is here, and will be training and empowering non polers and experienced polers alike.


Roz "the Diva" Mays
Roz “the Diva” Mays

Roz’ message of self-love is what pole dancing is about at its very heart. For me, like many others, pole has had a positive impact on my mental heath, and my view of myself. When I started pole, I was a recovering bulimic – of the kind everyone knows, as well as exercise bulimia. Many people don’t know that the binge and purge cycle is done using exercise too. Calories in, calories out. I kidded myself that my excessive workouts were healthy. I went to the gym because I didn’t like my body. I didn’t go to gym out of love for myself.


Enter pole dancing, and a friend asking me to try with her. Then me saying, after a pretty bad marriage breakdown, “F*#@ it, every divorced woman should do it!” and I did, and I still believe that. Well, every woman, and more! When I opened my studios this was the experience I wanted to provide.


Rosey Lou
Rosey Lou

The ‘sexy’ in pole was confronting, because I also carry sexual trauma. Yet the confrontation felt healing so I stayed and faced it, and cried through it. I could embrace my sexual side in a healthy way for once, and so pole became the start of my healing journey. Instead of self-loathing, I became curious about what my body could actually do. I forgot about calories ‘out’ and started to play, experiment, push. I fell in love with pole, and started to honor myself.


This is why when Roz announced her tour – we invited her to little old Adelaide. Roz brings the sexy back. She is about body love. She supports women to achieve, to experience, to love themselves. My studios are about providing a healing space for women, being there for them, and supporting them to fill the cracks created by trauma. With one in three women having gone through domestic violence or trauma, that’s a lot of women in our studios!


Roz is someone who, perhaps without knowing it, brings the Japanese art of Kintsugi to pole – the art of precious scars, of embracing ‘damage.’ Experiences with Roz bring not only joy and the experience of success, but also for many they learn about loving themselves that little bit more. Their disparate pieces will get put back together as they learn to love their bodies for their strength and capacity, as well as for their ability to be sexy, beautiful creatures who are as unique as every single piece Kintsugi.


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Andria Rose-Stumer AKA Rosey Lou

 rosey 2Andria Rose-Stumer started pole dancing in 2008 & fell in love. She has also spent time learning circus arts, trained with all kinds of people across the country and visiting the country. She has enjoyed performing, competing, teaching, and set up the Adelaide branch of Flight Club with some other passionate pole folk – a much needed informal performance opportunity and studio free jam ‘space’.
Having been a youth worker for most of her adult life, she’s left the ‘corporate world’ to reclaim herself through pole & creativity, and has now opened two studios in Southern Adelaide, with the aim to support women in particular to heal through pole and a sense of community – physical health and connection being two of the most important things people need.