Queen Of Choreography

Queen Of Choreography


After numerous trips to the states and choreographing for huge dance events such as Carnival – A choreographers Ball in L.A as well as various music videos and live shows, she arrived back in Australia and decided to add an aerial skill to her resume.

“I thought, ‘oh I should do this new pole dancing thing as an aerial skill’ and then a couple of months later I started telling people ‘I’m not doing hip hop anymore! I’m doing pole’ and everyone was like, ‘what! I can’t imagine you doing pole dancing!’ Now people say to me they can’t imagine me doing hip hop.” She says giggling

Kristy says she became so addicted to Pole that at one point she was doing three classes a day. “I was like ‘I hate being crap! I want to be able to shoulder mount and lift it up!’ I hated not being able to do things.”

Kristy-Sellars-apdmIn 2009 Kristy performed in her first professional pole competition- Miss Pole Dance Victoria. In 2010 she competed in Miss Pole Dance Australia with a pirate themed routine. She then took a year off to have her daughter, Rylie, but made a quick comeback performing her “psycho” routine at Encore in 2012 followed by “toxic” (the flight attendant routine) at Miss Pole Dance Victoria where she placed first.

“I think while I was pregnant my mind was working more. So I kind of knew what I wanted to do and my choreography got better because I couldn’t use my body as much.”

“Toxic” took Kristy a good eight weeks to choreograph completely which was a long time compared to “Gravity”, a lyrical piece which she performed at Encore in 2013.

“Gravity, which was one of my favourites, took two weeks [to choreograph]. I knew exactly what it needed to be and when that happens it’s so easy.”

While “toxic” is one of Kristy’s most watched routines with over 700,000 views on YouTube, she says different countries tend to like different things. It’s a favourite in America but in Europe they’re more drawn to the abstract lyrical pieces.

…To catch more of this interview, grab a copy of the Autumn 2015 Edition of Australian Pole Dancers Magazine.