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Annual Magazine Subscription – Hard Copy

$32.00 / year


Product Description

An automatically rolling subscription cycle of $32 plus postage per  12 months. Your payment will cover two issues of the magazine.

APDM has just made it super easy for subscribers, now you don’t have to worry about when your renewal is up. We will just keep sending you magazines until you choose to stop them coming!

If you order your subscription between March 1st and August 31st, the subscription will begin with the Autumn issue. If you place the order between September 1st and February 28th, the subscription will begin with the Spring issue.

If you are purchasing an APDM subscription as a gift, you will need to unsubscribe straight after purchase via your ‘My Account’ section. Just hit ‘cancel’ on the subscription and it won’t auto renew, but your nominated recipient will still receive all magazines in the subscription gift.

You will also gain access to the virtual magazines in the library once you have purchased your subscription while your subscription is active.

Critical Information Summary:

    • If you DO NOT have PayPal, when you are directed to PayPal for checkout, click the ‘create an account’ button, which will give you the option to pay via your credit/debit card.
    • Ongoing subscription to the magazine hard copy on a yearly renewal basis.
    • Cancel at any time via your ‘My Account’ section on the website when signed in. If you have any problems signing in, please contact help@auspoledancersmag.com.au, providing your username and a brief description of your problem.
    • This product provides access to the electronically available editions of the magazine Ezine menu on our website. You must be logged in and have and active subscription to access these.
    • REPEAT:Access to the Ezine library and APDM VIP is only available with an active subscription (or membership).
    • E-zines (Electronic Magazines) are not currently compatible with iPads and iPhones.
Order Date First Issue Received
March 1st – May 31st Autumn
June 1st – August 31st Autumn
September 1st – November 31st Spring
December 1st – February 28th Spring

Additional Information

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