by Jane Blair

Exotic pole and floorwork is all about the leg work lately. But have you ever wondered why the Russian exotic experts look as though they’re floating while you look like you’re riding a bike up a hill?

Here’s my top 5 tips to getting the perfect leg waves.

amy hazel leg

1. Use your hips!

As Chubbs once said to Happy Gilmore “It’s all in the hips”. And he’s right. As you bring your knee to your face, crunch your hip to your shoulder. Use those obliques! This will create much more movement in your legs giving your audience the illusion that you’re floating.



floor work legs2. Bend only slightly

This is where year 8 maths comes in handy. Bend your knees at an obtuse angle, preferably between 145 and 170 degrees. This will ensure you don’t look like you’re cycling in the Tour de France.


3. Master the flex

If you’re doing leg waves in a straddle, you can flex your feet in the extension (when you’re in a full straddle) and point them again when your legs come together in the middle. By doing this you are creating the illusion of leg length. Blue Phoenix is an excellent example of this technique. #legsfordays


floor shoulder stand heels4. Use your whole body


To get that liquid appearance, you can use your whole body when doing leg waves. Once you have mastered the hip to shoulder motion in step 1, experiment with moving through your ribs and shoulders too.


5. Engage the abs!

Leg waves can double as a sexy ab workout. Make sure you’re engaging your core at all times. This will help you keep your legs in the air and control your movement.

mpda legs





In desperate need of empowerment, Jane started Pole and Burlesque dancing in 2010 at Bottoms Up! Burlesque and Pole School. She quickly fell in love with the sense of achievement she felt when she conquered a new pole move.

After 3 years of pole dancing the bored Beauty Therapist decided Australia needed a magazine to celebrate this growing sport. With a dusty Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing up her sleeve and her head exploding with ideas, she felt like she was the right person to make it happen. She became the Editor of the Australian Pole Dancers Magazine in October 2013.

It was just before the release of Issue #1 of Australian Pole Dancers Magazine that Jane competed for the first time in the Rising Stars competition at the end of 2013. This triggered her hunger for performing and she went on to compete in VPC 2014, MPDV 2014/15, Dance Filthy 2015 + 2016 and Floorplay 2015 where she placed 3rd in the Semi-pro division.

Jane loves that pole dancing allows you to express yourself no matter who you are or what style you choose.