By Jane Blair

Miss Pole Dance Victoria is basically Polemas in July. Hosted by the ever so humble Chilli Rox, it was a night not to be missed! There were jade splits, snakes, fire, spatchcocks and man buttocks!

The opening act kicked off the night, an energetic pole and acrobatic piece to Tina Turner’s Proud Mary. Death defying partner acro had the audience gasping with delight!

Poppy was the first competitor, paying tribute to Britney Spears. Complete with the popstar dance moves and long blonde locks, Poppy performed high level pole tricks with a perfect mix of flexy and dynamic. Staying true to Brittney’s Slave 4 U show, she wowed the audience with a cameo appearance from a live snake!

With her big black boots and long brown hair, Samantha can be my girl any day. An energetic and fun performance with floorwork to die for, Samantha performed flawless tricks on and off the pole with a great range of strength, control, flexibility and musicality.

Alex showed us what happens when rock chicks get hitched. Entering the stage in a wedding dress, she stripped down to her wedding night lingerie and thigh high black boots to dance to In This Moment’s Sick Like Me while she waited for her hubby-to-be to arrive. Showcasing her signature power moves that she is so well known for, she also showed the audience her bendy side.

Keeping with the rock theme, Mel C fell from heaven right down to hell donning huge black angel wings and plenty of attitude! Dancing to Smashing Pumpkins, she combined powerful dynamics, flexibility and strong tricks for her first time ever competing in Miss Pole Victoria. She especially wowed the crowd with her cartwheel off the static pole!

Laura Larson is certainly the tradie I will be calling to do my renovations. Workplace safety always comes first and Laura made sure she was suitably dressed in her high vis, hard hat and 8-inch work boots before performing some impressive acro skills on her step ladder and the pole.

Frances Amber kicked it old school and oozed femininity with her stunning light up butterfly wings. She had the stage presence of a true show girl, demanding your attention with the way she moved her body on the pole and on the floor. It was refreshing and I really dug it!

Ally Cat paid tribute to the evolution of exotic pole, from the stripper roots of 2007 to the Russian flow of today. Starting the routine by smashing out an extended butterfly to Cherry Pie, she then broke into some hardcore Russian flow to dubstep before switching back to Cherry Pie, stripping down to a nipple bra and covering herself in shaving cream.

Nina Mac went femme fatale looking dangerous as ever in the spotlight smoking a cigarette. Dressed in black leggings, strappy black bra, black boots and sporting a platinum blonde bob, Nina treated us to a sultry routine with no shortage of leggy spreadies and floorwork.

Caitie Ann rocked out to some Korn on her transistor radio. Dressed like a true rock chic in her black PVC harness bikini, this bendy, blonde babe thrilled the audience with her flexy floorwork skills and then pulled out the perfect bird of paradise on the spin pole!

Lauren Peilee sported a glittery blue outfit and a long blonde ponytail, her stage presence was just as sparkly. It was hard to look away from this bendy beauty who had seamless transitions between pole moves and impressed the audience with her bird of paradise.

TK brought us back to our childhood with her peter pan themed show. While she showcased some of her best tricks, it was her caricature that took us on a journey beyond reality and made us wish we had a little bit of fairy dust too!

Lucie gave us fuel, fire and that which we desired. Making use of the racing flags, she performed some impressive flag dancing to set the car racing theme. Her fiery energy heated up the stage and had the audience gasping at her hardcore power moves on and off the pole. This sexy machine truly set the stage on fire (literally and figuratively).

To really set the mood before the interval we were treated to some thrusting and grinding from the sexy dudes in MenXclusive, much to the delight of Chilli Rox!

The second half was kicked off with Jenny Toner like you’ve never seen her before. The sexual freak donned a black catsuit and handcuffs which she magically kept on for a number of pole tricks! She showcased a great variety of tricks on the pole and on the floor.

Kiara Bass was too hot to handle sporting a face cage, ripped tee and sultry attitude for days. Her dance moves felt very European in that she was very slinky and fluid. She used the music really well and moved through her pole moves very smoothly.

Peita brought plenty of confidence and sass to the stage. Dressed in a glittery one-piece and beige boots, she danced smoothly with plenty of dynamics. Her energy lit up the stage and thrilled the audience with her fiery basework.

Sherry entered the stage wearing a black and yellow cape and had a huge hammer ready to hit some walls. She impressed the crowd with her extreme flexibility and whipped out the first and only Rainbow Marchenko of the night!

Beatrix Sydelle slowed it down a notch with a showcase of exotic flow on and off the pole. Her impressive super strength was well utilised in the exotic style as she had complete control of every move and wowed the crowd with her iguana wavy legs!

Natty would have had to be the highlight of the night for me. Her musicality was impeccable and so was her technique. She had total control of every single movement and her transitions were flawless. Natty had the crowd screaming for more.

A short break from the competitors and we were treated to a guest performance from Narelle and Charlie who performed a gangsta af double piece.

Bethany Finlay took to the MPDV stage for the first time ever and it was wild. There were splits and flips and plenty of tricks. She started with a bang when she flipped from the top of her cage prop onto her feet… in heels!

Le Chatelier had the audience in fits of laugher. Performing as Miss Piggy on her wedding night seducing Kermit the Frog, she went from beautiful bride doing a striptease for her groom to full dominatrix in four minutes. It was a show that none of the audience will ever forget.

Crystal Tao performed a high energy routine incorporating a ballet barre which she did tricks on before moving to the vertical barres. She kept her energy for the entire routine and was engaging for the audience to watch.

Gracie lit up the stage wearing a red glittery pants suit and performed an ultra sexy number. Her stage presence was electric and had everyone in the audience drooling. Her tricks and transitions were seamless and powerful!

Miss Satin kept the energy alive kicking it old school stripper to Pour Some Sugar On Me. The pocket powerhouse featured fearless dynamic moves and displayed fantastic musicality that could not be ignored by the audience. She finished with pouring sugar all over herself and creating a sugar angel in the sugar snow!

The last competitor of the night was the ever-enchanting voodoo queen, Mischka. Her tricks and transitions were smooth and seamless and she had the audience under her spell. Her whole routine was explosive and exciting to watch and was one of my favourites of the night.

The closing show featured 22 dancers from all different backgrounds showcasing their individuality and diversity in style. It was a stunning concept and was beautifully executed by the performers. A great way to end the show!


1st place- Gracie

2nd Place – Mischka

3rd Place – Natty

Clique Styling Sponsors Choice- Samantha


About the Author



In desperate need of empowerment, Jane started Pole and Burlesque dancing in 2010 at Bottoms Up! Burlesque and Pole School. She quickly fell in love with the sense of achievement she felt when she conquered a new pole move.

After 3 years of pole dancing the bored Beauty Therapist decided Australia needed a magazine to celebrate this growing sport. With a dusty Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing up her sleeve and her head exploding with ideas, she felt like she was the right person to make it happen. She became the Editor of the Australian Pole Dancers Magazine in October 2013.

It was just before the release of Issue #1 of Australian Pole Dancers Magazine that Jane competed for the first time in the Rising Stars competition at the end of 2013. This triggered her hunger for performing and she went on to compete in VPC 2014, MPDV 2014/15, Dance Filthy 2015 + 2016 and Floorplay 2015 where she placed 3rd in the Semi-pro division.

Jane loves that pole dancing allows you to express yourself no matter who you are or what style you choose.