Image: Vertigo Photography

by Kennetta Hutchens


The Australian Competition Organisers are excited to announce new updates to the National Competition Eligibility Standards for graded and social pole competitions in Australia, and a new website to host the Standards and other Australian competition-related information:


The main changes to the Standards are that:

  1. Amateur competitors will now be able to continue competing in the amateur division until they place first in a graded competition,
  2. All Amateur social competitions are now within the one category, “Social Amateur”, (instead of being split into Amateur 1, 2 and 3), and
  3. The exciting news that Hard Core is now a Graded Amateur competition, along with Pole Theatre Amateur and APC Amateur.


Under the new changes, once an Amateur competitor places first in a Graded Amateur competition, they will no longer be eligible to compete in the Amateur division and will have to move to Semi Pro. An Amateur competitor who places first in a Social competition can continue to compete in Amateur Social and Graded competitions, until such time as that competitor wins a Graded Amateur competition, and is no longer eligible to compete in the Amateur division.


This brings the Amateur Standards in line with Semi Pro and Pro, and will mean that competitors can compete in Amateur in different competitions before being required to move to Semi Pro.


In addition, all Amateur social competitions are now within the one category, “Social Amateur”, (instead of being split into Amateur 1, 2 and 3). This change has been made to simplify the Social Amateur division and avoid unnecessary confusion.  Studio only competitions have also been removed from the table to make it less cluttered.


The ACO members believe that these changes will make the Standards easier to understand and make eligibility more consistent throughout the divisions.


Also featured on the website is the Pole Events Calendar and Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame can be used as a reference for competition organisers and competitors alike.  Most graded competition results are already featured, but it is a work in progress and more will be added as we receive the information.


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