The First Ever Aussie Pole History Book Has Landed

Australian Pole Dancers Magazine turns 5 in December and we wanted to do something big to mark the occasion… So we’ve created an Australian pole history coffee table book!

With contributions from so many who were there from the start: Bobbi, Vanessa Brecht; Jamilla; Samantha Sudbury; Kennetta Hutchens; Jennifer Grace; Felix Cane; Suzie Q; Chilli Rox; Carlie Hunter… As well as some who came later but who have been so influential in our community today such as Brad Edwards, Michelle Shimmy, Maddie Sparkle and Elizabeth Domazet.

Over 88 pages read in their own words about some of the most memorable, pivotal, and iconic moments that have shaped Australian pole history. See incredible images stretching from 2004 to 2018. Take a trip down memory lane, and read things you never knew before.

How did Felix create the Spatchcock? Where did the brass 38mm pole originate? Who is Chilli’s favorite showgirl of all time? What’s the story behind the Bondi pole? Sunday Bumday, why? Read about all this and so much more!

This book is ONLY available via preorder. It is guaranteed delivery before Christmas and if you want it, you MUST order by November 14th. Starting today, we have an early bird special, saving 10% off the price of the book. If you are going to MPDA, order on the night and get an even bigger discount!

From next Wednesday it will go up to full price though, so get on it. If you want a sneak peek inside, keep scrolling…

*MELBOURNE PEOPLE* If you want to save on shipping costs, email before you purchase to organise.

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    • No I'm sorry! It's just the people who are actually at the event. We will be processing it on the night by hand. The current discounted price on the website is the best price we will sell it for outside of the event.