The results are in for the APDM Top 50 for 2017! This is a list of the Top 50 most influential people in the Australian pole community for 2017 as voted by you.

Our aim with this list is to create a platform which allows you to show your appreciation for members of the community who have influenced you in some way. Be it through opening/running a studio, putting on a pole competition, coaching you, creating wonderful and inspiring costumes, taking beautiful images, being an inspirational performer, or even being the friendly receptionist always ready to help. So many people are making amazing contributions to our local community!

For this reason you may not know all of our Top 50, but rest assured they are doing great things in their corner of the country, and have touched many people with their work. We are proud to give you this opportunity to show them how much people appreciate their tireless efforts.

While we were flooded with votes we also know that not everyone will agree with the results. With so many contributors in the Australian pole community it is impossible to pay tribute to them all! Many small business owners, studio owners, event organisers, photographers, performers and teachers will not feature in this years Top 50 although several hundred people received votes.


We will be revealing the Top 50 in parts, ten people at a time. Here is the third installment.


30. Lou Landers

This lady needs no introduction! Lou has been pole dancing since 2006 and teaching since late 2007. While she is a renowned competitor, in 2017 Lou spent the year focused on teaching her students at Pole Divas and helping them achieve their pole goals. She teaches up to thirty hours every week! She also travelled internationally, teaching workshops at Pole Expo Las Vegas as well as locally at Bass Coast Pole Camp. She judged VPC and SAPC, did a guest performance at SAPC and at Unleashed and continued to wow us on social media with her feats of acrobatics and flexibility!


29. Blue Phoenix

Blue Phoenix aka Chris Talbot needs no introduction. The king of sexy dancing is an instructor at Pole Dance Academy and for Cleo’s Rock n’ Pole. Last year he won First Place in the Felix Cane Pole Championships, as well as appearing in many other competitions including Mr Pole Dance, Pole Theatre Sydney, Pole Expo Pole Classic, and Pole Candy. He performed regularly at Slide and The Columbian, and last year also performed at Perth Pride, Pole Show LA, Dance Filthy Sydney and in the opening of MPDA. He became a Dancephreaks brand ambassador and judged FCAPC and MPDSA.


28. Megan B

Megan B is an instructor at Kylie J Pole Studio in Victoria and is known for her unique style, combining crazy flips and dynamics with Hip Hop dancing. In 2017 she took out the Sponsors Choice award in the Professional division at VPC which earned her a spot in the national finals at APC, placing First Runner Up. She also competed in the Asia Pole Championships where she placed First Runner Up. Aside from competing and teaching, Megan, who was the reigning Rising All Stars champion, opened and judged for Rising All Stars, as well as judging at Hardcore Pole Championships in Sydney.


27. Shannyn Leonie

Shannyn had an extremely busy year performing in 2017. She competed in PCS at the Arnolds in March, Miss Pole Dance Victoria where she was awarded Second Runner Up with her highly original internet stalker theme, Miss Pole Dance Australia, and the second Vortex where she took out First Place. She also featured at the Masters of Choreography Showcase – The Ringmaster at the National Theatre in July. Shannyn also taught regular classes for The Pole Room in Melbourne, where she instructs pole, contortion and hand-balancing. She coached students for their in-house competition Shine, and also performed in their teacher piece.


26. Andrea Ryff

Owner of Achieve Pole Studio in Sydney, Andrea kept herself busy last year performing, competing, judging, coaching and teaching. In March she competed in World Pole Art Championships where she placed top 10 in the women’s Elite category. She also competed in Miss Pole Dance Queensland and went on to compete in the national finals at Miss Pole Dance Australia. She judged Pole Theatre Sydney, Mr Pole Dance, ACTPC, NSWPC and APC. She taught workshops at studios both in Sydney and around Australia, as well as coaching competitors and teaching regular classes. She truly does prove the power of pole is anti-ageing!


25. Ally Cat

Ally Cat aka Alessandra Izzo had a busy year in 2017! She co-created four print magazines for Australian Pole Dancers Magazine, sponsored and covered over fifteen pole events, and managed APDM online. She co-produced her tenth pole showcase under the Pandemonium brand, giving over forty polers the opportunity to step on stage at Imagine in Melbourne. She judged the Pole Championship Series as well as several in-studio competitions. She performed at Encore! Sydney Pole Show, then competed at Pole Theatre in the Pro Comedy division. Besides this she completed an IPDFA instructor training course, taught classes and privates at her home studio Bottoms Up!, choreographed several group pole routines for student showcases throughout the year and also appeared in solo, duo and group performances at various Bottoms Up! events.


24. Bailey Hart

Bailey Hart is a pole and twerk instructor at Sydney Pole and Bobbi’s Pole Studio. 2017 was a busy year for Bailey, she judged NWSPC and Pole Candy, posed naked for The Black Light Photography and is now immortalised in The Black Light photobook. She performed at MPDA, placed First Runner Up at North NSW Pole Championships and won Best Musical Interpretation at APC. However, the biggest highlight for Bailey was getting engaged to the love of her life Luke Bern, who proposed to her outside the International Passenger Terminal (where the boat docks from Pole Cruise) where they shared their first kiss on Australian soil.


23. Natty Stephens

This little pocket rocket just keeps on proving her boundless energy! In 2017 she was awarded first Vortex Champion and with a perfect score. She attained First Runner Up at VPC, First Runner Up at Miss Pole Dance Victoria, fourth overall in the Australian Pole Championships and was also awarded Best Technique. She competed in the national finals of Miss Pole Dance Australia and PCS at the Arnold’s, as well as teaching workshops at Pole Cruise. When she wasn’t comp training, she was coaching others on their pole journey or floating around running workshops and judging comps!

22. Christina Mahoney

In 2017 Christina appeared in a variety of competitions and was excited to compete for her first time on the Enmore stage in Miss Pole Dance Australia. She also competed at the Asia Pole Championships where she was awarded Best Trickster, SAPC where she was awarded First Place, MPDSA, Pole Championships Series at the Arnold’s, and was given the Trickster Award for her performance at the Australian Pole Championships. She also teaches around ten hours per week at The Pole Boutique in Adelaide and coaches students with their competition routines.

21. Fontaine Bradbury aka The Red Crowned Crow

Fontaine is the co-owner and head coach at Blackbird where she teaches full time and coaches many of her students for competitions. Known for her slinky and unique style of floorwork and basework, 2017 saw Fontaine compete in Miss Pole Dance Victoria, as well as at Dance Filthy Sydney where she took out First Place. Aside from teaching at her studio and competing, Fontaine travelled to Bali to teach at the Indie Polewear Exotic Pole Retreat.


Stay tuned! We will be releasing the next ten names in the APDM Top 50 2017 next week!