What is the APDM Top 50?

MPDA 2017 finalists
MPDA 2017 finalists


The APDM Top 50 is a list of the fifty most influential people in the Australian pole dancing community for the year just gone, as voted by members of the community.

It is an endeavour by Australian Pole Dancers Magazine to give recognition and appreciation for those who have put their heart and soul into our local pole dancing industry over the last year, and helped make it a better place for everyone.

We would like this list to be compiled in a fair and respectful manner. Thus, there are a few rules in regards to the voting process. The list should be a true reflection of how each member of the pole community feels, not a campaigning exercise. If you have been a strong contributor, your presence will speak for itself.


Who can I vote for?

There is no shortlist, and voting can be for any member of the pole dancing community. Performers, Studio Owners, Industry Small Business Operators, Competition Organisers, Event Organisers, Producers, Photographers, Bloggers, Innovators, Movers and Shakers.

Please try and consider who you feel has really contributed to the Australian pole dancing community in 2016, as opposed to “of all time”.

  • You must vote for AT LEAST five people, and up to ten
  • You must NOT vote for the same person more than once
  • You must NOT vote more than once
  • ONLY individuals, or doubles teams are eligible
  • You may NOT vote for groups, or businesses


Anyone who has been living in Australia for a minimum of 6 months during the year is eligible – they do not need to be an Australian citizen.

At this point in time we would like to focus on recognition of the local community. We feel that people based overseas are unable to influence the Australian pole dance industry in the same way that our residents can and do. For this reason, ex-pats and internationals not living here are ineligible. Please do not waste your vote by naming someone who is not eligible as it will not be counted.


Campaigning is not considered fair play

What is campaigning? Do’s and Don’ts:

  • DO share and mention the APDM Top 50 voting, post links to vote and even include something like “if you feel I deserve a mention in this list, please include me in your vote”.
  • DO vote for yourself if you feel you deserve to be on the list
  • DON’T spam people or aggressively campaign on social media “vote for me!” style – or get others to campaign on your behalf.
  • DON’T send bulk emails asking for people to vote, or hustle votes from your friends outside the pole dance community
  • DON’T use technology tools for mass voting


How will it be regulated?

rpac-17We will be monitoring the back end for signs of corrupted voting and discounting anything that is clearly unfair play. Evidence of aggressive campaigning via social media or emails may result in disqualification.

Credit to 21st Century Burlesque for inspiring this process




  1. Am I allowed to vite for Allesandra?
    I'd like to think yes because of the brilliant articles she posts. Her writing is thoughtful and provoking.
    Just thought I'd ask as ut may be a conflict of interest here!

    • Hi Kim, yes you can vote for me and thank you for thinking of me! Both Jane (editor) and myself are eligible for votes in the APDM top 50, but as per everyone else we must follow the rules of not campaigning, just letting our work speak for itself. As a side note, thank you so much for your kind words about my writing! <3 xo