The results are in for the APDM Top 50 for 2016! This is a list of the Top 50 most influential people in the Australian pole community for 2016 as voted by you.

Our aim with this list is to create a platform which allows you to show your appreciation for members of the community who have influenced you in some way. Be it through opening/running a studio, putting on a pole competition, coaching you, creating wonderful and inspiring costumes, taking beautiful images, being an inspirational performer, or even being the friendly receptionist always ready to help. So many people are making amazing contributions to our local community!

For this reason you may not know all of our Top 50, but rest assured they are doing great things in their corner of the country, and have touched many people with their work. We are proud to give you this opportunity to show them how much people appreciate their tireless efforts.

While we were flooded with votes we also know that not everyone will agree with the results. With so many contributors in the Australian pole community it is impossible to pay tribute to them all! Many small business owners, studio owners, event organisers, photographers, performers and teachers will not feature in this years Top 50 although over 350 people received votes.

A note about doubles partners

We received several votes for doubles teams, and also votes for the individual members of the teams. To keep it fair, the points from the doubles’ vote was split in two and allocated to each member of the team.

We will be revealing the Top 50 in parts, ten people at a time. Here is the first instalment.


50. Rosie Bui

After years of powering through the state and national divisions of SAPC and MPDA (in both solo and doubles) taking out a host of titles, Rosie was unable to compete in 2016 due to a knee dislocation. That didn’t stop her from teaching seven classes per week for most of the year, as well as judging AAPC and Slay It. Her teaching is unique, crazy, fun drill sergeant style and her students totally adore her!


49. Emily Fogg

Emily made the leap into Pro division in 2016, placing 3rd in both SAPC and MPDSA. Her costume creation for SAPC was so unique and outstanding that it was featured in the APDM 10 best costumes for the first half of 2016. Emily also performed in two Adelaide Fringe shows, and regularly performed pole with local burlesque troupe Bazinga Burlesque. She teaches at The Pole Boutique where her favourite classes are Polography, because she loves to experience the beauty and joy of her students when they start to feel the flow!



Karla is the mother of the incredible Australian Pole Festival, and co-organised this in 2013/14 before stepping away to focus on her studio. In 2016 Karla rebranded to become Addictive Pole Fitness, creating a new curriculum and launching “Member of the Month”, an initiative to show recognition to students who make contributions to the studio sisterhood. She hosted two show nights and four studio creations nights for her students. Her focus is to create a supportive space where her students can express themselves, and it’s clear they appreciate all her effort!


47. Tiffany Downes

One half of renowned doubles team Enchanted, Tiff spent much of 2016 teaching at five different studios in Queensland. She travelled all over the country with her doubles partner Ruth Mansfield teaching workshops, including at the Australian Pole Expo. She judged and guest performed at MPDQ where she was also awarded QLD Performer of the Decade! She judged APC, was a headlining act in Pandemonium in May, and coached several doubles teams to the competition stage.


46. Kristy Louise

The gorgeous bendy powerhouse, Kristy is no stranger to winning awards and has been doing so for many years now – 2016 was no exception! In 2016 Kristy took out Best Technique in Solo Pro Division of APC as well as winning the group division and best overall performance with her doubles partner Dylan Luisa. Together they taught workshops at APE. Kristy also teaches regular classes for Aerial Pole Academy in Canberra. She is a spokeswoman for Indi Pole Wear, and in 2016 she also held workshops at the first Indi Pole retreat in Bali.


45. Natty Stephens

2016 was a massive year for Natty! She competed in VPC and Pole Theatre, took out 3rd place in MPDV, won Sydney Floorplay Semi-Pro with a group number and then slayed it at MPDA to round out the year. She was a finalist at the Victorian Aerial Awards in the Jaw Dropping Tricks category, judged The Pole Room “Shine” competition, taught workshops, coached polers for their comp routines and took regular classes at Train Station. Busy girl!


44. Justine McLucas

We were lucky enough to get the wonderful Ms McLucas back on home turf after so many years away being an international pole superstar! The founder of Ecole de Pole, Justine moved back to Australian in early 2016. She emceed Encore in February, judged Pole Expressions in Queensland and then MPDA in November, and was a guest instructor at the Australian Pole Festival. She sponsored Pole Expressions, Frisk and Pole Theatre, and hosted a pole camp at Ecole de Pole in Singapore. She also held numerous workshops around Australia, and filmed tutorial videos for APDM where we got to see her incredible skills as a teacher. Finally, she started an online polewear shop with her own brand of crops and shorts. We wonder if she ever finds time to see her gorgeous little chihuahua Chilli!



Katie had a massive year in 2016. After starting Survivor as a regional Gippsland-based competition, she was swamped with entries and was forced to expand to allow competitors from all over Melbourne and Victoria to compete in what was initially supposed to be a studio based comp. Survivor has exploded to become a burgeoning opportunity for amateur polers all over Australia in just one year. Katie already owned Storm Studios in Bairnsdale, however in 2016 she expanded to open Storm Studios in Sale and Wonthaggi. She hosted two pole camps with guest instructors, and brought in Brad Edwards to take pics, and teaches full time doing fifteen classes per week. She also teaches five classes each week at Sale. Katie capped off the year presenting the best male performer award at the Victorian Aerial Awards.


42. Katy Eve

The super sexy Katy Eve continued to kick goals in 2016. As well as expanding her studio The Brass Room and teaching twenty classes each week, Katy still found time to enter four competitions. This included winning MPDACT, as well as being a finalist in MPDA, Pole Theatre Sydney, and Pole Theatre World. She performed at Pandemonium in February and taught workshops in both Sydney and Melbourne. Katy also created the “Love Your Pole” challenge last year. This was a worldwide viral sensation, allowing polers everywhere to share stories of how they started pole and their most memorable experiences.


41. Bella Stella Rowland

After storming through 2015 with her doubles partner Phoenix, where they took out Pole Sydney (Drama, Overall) and Miss Pole Dance Globe (Doubles), Bella hit the ground running in 2016. She managed two studios (Bella’s Pole Studio) and taught over thirty hours each week. She competed in Pole Theatre Sydney, as well as organising the North NSWPC. On top of that she organised her annual in-house competition “Carnivale” and a huge Christmas showcase for her students. Incredible.