We have waited to reveal the top ten online because we published the results in our Autumn issue and we didn’t want to ruin the surprise! However, now that most of you will have seen the results leaked, we are releasing the list here for anyone who still hasn’t caught up 🙂

We are thrilled with the results of the vote this year. The Top 50 list is a means of allowing the whole community to show their appreciation to anyone who has influenced their personal pole journey. The top ten represent some incredible and talented personalities. These wonderful humans are all well known on the stage, but also give back to the community as teachers, event producers, judges, social commentators, as well as being incredible role models.

Read below for their top tips on overcoming performance nerves, however if you want their advice for getting out of a pole rut and to read about the weirdest thing they’ve ever seen in a pole class you better get your hands on the Autumn issue!


10. Tammy Bam Bam

Image Credit: NFG Photo
Image Credit: NFG Photo

“Urgh nerves! This was a major issue for me… Until I figured out a little trick. What worked for me is looking at the performance/competition as a job I have to do.  I am a very driven, focused worker so when I started bringing that attitude into my pre-performance prep I found I was able to stay a lot
calmer and focused… Hypnotherapy may have helped a bit too!”

9. Caroline Cazcapstar

caz 1“Make sure you plan ahead! I find feeling organised and having everything I need on performance/comp day helps settle my nerves. I’ve also recently introduced what’s called a ‘comp
bucket’;.  I carry my water, dry hands, sweat towel, lip gloss, breath mints and extra costume pieces in my bucket from the dressing room up to side stage so I don’t forget anything. I’m sure everyone understands how awkward it is to try and carry all of these things at once before you are about to go on!

Also, don’t drink too much coffee as it can make you feel a little extra anxious, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, rest your body with a good night sleep the night before, and ensure you
have plenty of wholesome snacks and food. No point in getting this far then not having enough energy to get through your routine!

I like to spend at least five minutes to myself side stage breathing, doing some air punches, talking to myself and pumping myself up! (Try repeating ‘Fuck Yeah I’ve got this’ a couple of times)”

8. Bethany Finlay

Bethany Finlay - Image Credit: Peter Thurgood Photography
Bethany Finlay – Image Credit: Peter Thurgood Photography

“I get so nervous before going on stage. It doesn’t matter how many times I do it I still get nervous. I just remind myself that people are not going to throw stuff at me and boo me off stage if I stuff up! They are there to support you and no matter what happens they will! I tell myself to just have fun and relax because only I can control what happens on stage and nerves aren’t going to help me.”

7. Olivia Oates

olivia oates 1“Breathe! Give yourself a pep talk before you go on stage to remind yourself that ‘you got dis’, and remember to have fun!!”



6. Michelle Shimmy

shimmy-pink-wings“I don’t know that you ever really get over the nerves! My top tips would be: get used to being onstage – perform at every opportunity. Try to step into character before stepping out on stage – leave your boring daytime persona behind and fully inhabit your fabulous stage persona! Before stepping into the stage lights, breathe deeply and remind yourself that you have worked hard and you deserve to be onstage, and remind yourself to enjoy it. Don’t be too hard on yourself for little
slips and mistakes – everyone makes them.”

5. Adam Lin

adam-lin“Try to stay calm and hydrated, don’t over think about the performance tell yourself to enjoy the moment on the stage!”



4. Carlie Hunter

Image Credit: Adam Jay Photography
Image Credit: Adam Jay Photography

“In the days leading up I try to get all my stress out so that on the day I can be calm, any parts of the routine I’m worried about I practice and find replacements for so that I can make quick decisions under pressure. I tend to get the most nervous a day or two before.

On the day I think it’s important to not think about any negatives and to avoid measuring yourself against anyone else. If watching others makes you nervous, avoid it.

During the day when I first arrive I go through the routine as much as I can and then in the hours leading up I keep my mind occupied and try not to think too much about the routine. Right before I go on stage I picture myself doing the routine perfectly and tell myself I’m going smash it and that I’m awesome. It helps to build up my confidence and get out there and do my best.

I think a certain amount of nerves are great though, they give us adrenaline, for me it’s just about managing them.”

3. Amy Hazel

mpda 2018 amy“Nerves are great! If you didn’t get nervous, it means you don’t care much about it. Nerves are the energy needed to nail all those tricks you found difficult in rehearsals.”



2. Miss Filly

filly bike“Having a good posse around you to vent to and let the crazy out! By myself, especially if I’m competing overseas, it’s very easy to get up in your own head so a good support crew on the other
end of the phone can be a life saver. Also having someone around the night before to blow off some steam (if you know what I mean), has always been the worst kept secret ritual of mine.”


Chilli Rox

chilli-emcee“Nerves are good (that’s what I tell myself!) Nerves are good adrenalin energy. I’m never nervous emceeing or doing showgirl but the minute I have to dance at a pole dance event surrounded by pole dancers I totally freak out and it’s best for you to keep your distance. It’s so scary so I try to channel the nerves into energy and I tell myself nerves equal a kick ass show so basically what I’m saying is if anyone has any tips please send them my way cos I got nothing, I need help.”