Welcome to the first Heart and Brain Hump Day!

These posts are inspired by The Awkward Yeti “Heart and Brain” comic strips from Nick Seluk, a series of comics that highlight the disconnect between what we think we should do (Brain) and what we have a burning desire to do (Heart). We all love the little heart guy, and can identify with his joyful and carefree attitude, living in the moment for instant gratification. Then big ol’ downer Mr Brain comes along and ruins everything with his bitter dose of reality.

Well, given it’s Christmas I think we are all having the same dilemma. Classes have wound down, training is decidedly “medium-intensity”, with food and beverage intake at an all time high. We all know where this leads – a painful January!

It’s easy to let your brain bust in on the fun and try to control the mayhem going on around us right now. You think to yourself “if I just keep the drinking/eating/indulgence to a minimum I’ll be fine when classes start back”. All this mindset does is stop you from fully relaxing. It’s Christmas! Embrace the Festive Season!

Bear in mind that you have put in the hard yards this year. You have worked yourself into the ground doing both your work and your passion (if that’s the same thing, wonderful – but I bet you’re still exhausted!). It’s time to take a real break, give your body a rest, and allow the padding to accumulate guilt-free. You’ve earned it! Yes, the return will be difficult but a proper rest is what will set you up for a strong and successful 2016. So have that extra serve of pudding and another glass of wine. It’s all fun and games until someone says it’s January!